January 2, 2014

I am here at Speeder and Earl’s and it’s the start of a brand new year. I am excited good Emily is clear in her joyful heart and I am too.

I just met with Larry Bissonnette and it was an awesome start of a good friendship. Our ways of being human are very different and I think are both effective so it will be cool to see how we influence each other. I addressed him softly and he swore a bit till he realized I don’t want anything more than to be friends.

“Good.  Thanks for clearing that up.  You are okay in my book.  That’s cool.  You are a good friend.  Really Mark.  Yes. Yes.”

                            - Larry Bissonnette, a fellow typer

I am glad Emily heard Beethoven’s Ninth on New Year’s Day. A great home it is for Schiller’s poem. No one can survive this life without abiding love and a love for the power greater than themselves.

I am thinking about some ways I might use my skills to promote this without sounding like a fundamentalist preacher. Ranting like the guy who thought Emily would make a good preacher’s wife is not my style. So finding a home for my writings is my goal for this year while Emily gets her career moving.

Of course it is a given that I will screen “I am in here.” more and continue having wonderful conversations with people who come to see it. I am so proud that we produced that piece of work. As I wrote to Werner Herzog “My current film is rather predictable and only is meant to introduce me to the world and people who might want to really learn how I communicate.”

I am not sure what the future holds but I can only assume it will be even brighter with two bright suns in my life.

I am going to ask Emily to look up more often. Sure good pennies show up on the ground but the big money is found creating projects and the discipline to make them live.

Be well all.