September 23, 2013

A Letter to Werner Herzog

Dear Werner,

I am the guy who wrote the movie “I am in here.”

I am so happy that you were a Montgomery scholar at Dartmouth College. The love you bring to your work is astounding and I am so interested in talking about a possible future project.

My current film is rather predictable and only is meant to introduce me to the world and people who might want to really learn how I communicate.

I am a novice at making movies and a novice at communicating with people like you and yet I joyfully soldier on with a mission that is slow and steady.

I hope we can start a correspondence.

I would very much like to know what movie you suggest I see.

Please either email me at my film’s email or send a letter to my creative collaborator.

She will make sure I see it and then will support me writing back to you.

This may go on for easily many years but we’ll see.




Mark Utter