Utter Communication Strategies uses humor and insight to connect us to ourselves and others.

Mark is the creative mind behind “I am in here.” a short film that gives an entertainingly illustrative glimpse of Mark’s experience living with a disability that affects his ability to communicate.

Since premiering the film in March of 2013 he has screened it over 60 times.  Each screening's been followed by a Q and A that he facilitates using “Supported Typing.”  Through these experiences Mark has developed his company Utter Communication Strategies so he can lead workshops, be a guest speaker and mentor groups and individuals.  Through this life changing work he's assisting people in improving their communication and bolstering human understanding among all.

"I am an Inspirational Speaker who types to Communicate!"

My Vision of Living the Good Life from my movie; I am in here.

My Vision of Living the Good Life from my movie; I am in here.




Mark Utter is the Vice President of his local self advocacy group; Champlain Voices, a member of the Vermont State Program Standing Committee on Developmental Disabilities and is currently in the Vermont Leadership Series conducted by the Vermont Developmental Disabilities Council, Green Mountain Self Advocates and the Vermont Family Network.

Champlain Community Services provides assistance for his day to day ventures with negotiating a world that functions differently than he does. For the first thirty years of his life, Mark did not have access to the world of words, except as a listener. An observer. When he was thirty, he was introduced to Supported Typing, and for the first time in his life Mark started his life as a writer of words.  Mark wrote, directed and starred in a film about his life called “I am in here."  Currently Mark writes a blog called “Utterly Mark”, has a talk show, “The Uttering Mind”, on CCTV (Channel 17 in Burlington), mentors high school students in The Bridging Program and a group of "typers" in Indiana.