I am in Here: A View of My Daily Life with Good
Suggestions for Improvement from my Intelligent Mind

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A movie written by Mark Utter and directed by Emily Anderson and Jim Heltz
Running Time: 35 minutes

Mark on his way to a screening of I am in Here at the Green Mountain Film Festival in March, 2014

Mark on his way to a screening of I am in Here at the Green Mountain Film Festival in March, 2014

This film was partially inspired by Geraldine Werzberg's documentary "Wretches and Jabberers" in which two of Mark's peers travel the world meeting people who also use "Supported Typing." One of the things which makes "I am in Here" extraordinary and unique is the fact that the creative mind behind the film has been presumed incompetent for most of his life. Mark's insight and sense of humor in the face of many challenges sends a powerful message about how people are perceived by others and sometimes judged unfairly. 

Screenings and Post Screening Discussions

Everyone can identify with having a story and wanting to be heard.  “I am in here.” tells the story of one man’s difficulty with communication. The post screening discussions allow the audience to engage with Mark through “supported typing” in discussions about what he observes of human interactions and how we can improve them.

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Vermont Independent Film Festival Ben and Jerry's Award for raising awareness of an important social issue with verve ad acuity. 

Vermont Independent Film Festival Audience Favorite Award

I advocated to get Emily Anderson on board for a project that had no plan. On we went in the darkness and slowly but surely we found ourselves with so many good people who brought expertise and good energy to what has become an adventure in movie making,”
— Mark Utter

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