Dear Friends,

Once again, I am back raising money

Many people gave money to the movie-making fund I had on Kickstarter  several years ago.

Then two years ago, I raised money to go to a communication conference where I presented a workshop about how this opportunity to make a movie using Facilitated Communication  had changed my life. It was titled 'Reaching Up Through the Keyboard to a Better Life.'

At that conference I was so fortunate to meet a person who I feel has the potential to change my life.

Angie Sylas had an epiphany when she saw the movie Wretches and Jabberers  and shifted her focus to becoming a Communication and Body Support Trainer in addition to her other roles and credentials.

When I first saw Angie at the conference I knew I needed to know her more. She met my gaze and came over and introduced herself and we have been in communication ever since.

I am honored that she now uses my movie ‘I am in here; a view of my daily life with suggestions for improvements from my intelligent mind.’  to inspire others to think outside the box when it comes to movement challenges and language.

I want to raise money to bring her here to Vermont so she can do an assessment of my communication support needs and make suggestions on how to broaden my communication opportunities throughout my environment and life. I am still in need of more people who can support my communication.

I think having her here for a week would really inspire some change in my life.

Please consider donating to this dream by clicking here.

I have great prizes.